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About Exhibition Art

Curated by a team of art enthusiasts with years of experience in the market, Exhibition Art takes pride in sourcing the finest original and modern art works from across the globe.

We’re passionate about shining new light on dynamic, disruptive and forward thinking artists working across a variety of different mediums, including photography, sculpture, digital and canvas.

Our innovative art exhibitions in London and the UK are renowned for their diverse array of creative works which inspire and ignite the imagination. Since we were established, we’ve developed a reputation of being one of the leading specialists in modern art within central London, and our art exhibitions attract art lovers from across the country and beyond.

Originality is a key focus of Exhibition Art, exploring emotion, lifestyle and current affairs through the medium of art. Our collections and art exhibitions transcend different generations, capturing recent history and historical narratives, whilst featuring contemporary themes and styles to offer a completely unique take on the art world.

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A Platform for Artists

A Platform for Artists

Offering a platform for emerging and established artist’s work, Exhibition Art highlights some of the most exciting and innovative works to emerge over the past few decades.

We scour the globe to discover stand out artists who are making waves in the art world. Consequently, we’ve become known for offering some of the best art exhibitions in London, displaying a vast array of different styles, themes and motifs.

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Our Mission

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and our team of hand-picked, industry leading experts have helped countless clients discover how investing in art could work for them. We’re always looking to include local and emerging artists in some form at each of our art exhibition showcases.

Our team of skilled art specialists is committed to serving our clients, whether they are new buyers or seasoned collectors. Our business thrives on comprehending our customers and their objectives. Our portfolio advisors collaborate with clients to establish their investment and collecting objectives, ensuring that their goals are achieved.

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Innovative Art Exhibitions

The team at Exhibition Art holds the belief that art and culture play a crucial role in every aspect of our world. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to help people comprehend and appreciate a diverse array of international artists, which is central to our ethos and gallery mission.

Exhibition Art showcases a wide variety of artist’s work from street art and urban styles, through to blue chip, celebrity and investment grade art. Collaborating with established as well as emerging and up-and-coming artists, we’re dedicated to offering art enthusiasts the opportunity to discover unique artists from all seven continents.

From works embodying modern Korean culture and traditional craftsmanship, through to art focusing on Queer Britain, we take a unique approach to our collections.

Each art exhibition has included showcasing artists and works from South America, Southeast Europe, the Middle East and even contemporary African photography.

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