In a groundbreaking move that marries the realms of art, investment, and lifestyle, Exhibition Art launches today as a platform designed to make art investment accessible to the masses. Founded by seasoned art enthusiasts and financial experts Alex Gill and Chris Bowyer, Exhibition Art will offer a unique space where creativity, expertise, and originality converge.

The platform’s founders, Alex Gill and Chris Bowyer, leverage their extensive backgrounds in digital marketing and financial services to create an unparalleled platform which is unique in their field. Their commitment to showcasing dynamic, disruptive, and forward-thinking artists across diverse mediums positions Exhibition Art as a pioneer in the evolving art investment landscape.

With a portfolio including emerging artists as well as established names, Exhibition Art’s specialisms extend beyond traditional artworks, encompassing classic cars to add an extra dimension to the art world. Whether clients are seeking investment opportunities or exploring the intersection of art and lifestyle, Exhibition Art’s hand-picked team of industry-leading experts will provide unparalleled guidance.

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Alex Gill, a visionary curator with a passion for art and nature, brings a unique perspective to Exhibition Art. His keen eye for emerging talents and dedication to making art accessible to all is evident in the platform’s diverse galleries. Beyond the art world, Gill’s commitment to nature, showcased through his wildlife photography, aligns with Exhibition Art’s mission to celebrate timeless art that captures the essence of emotion, lifestyle, and current affairs.

Chris Bowyer, with a successful track record in raising millions for diverse investment projects, seamlessly blends financial acumen with a deep passion for the art world. Exhibition Art, under Bowyer’s guidance, aims to create synergies that extend beyond the canvas, emphasising connections and relationships within the art and business realms.

Alex Gill comments: “Our launch marks the beginning of a journey where passion meets investment, offering a unique space for individuals to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of art, guided by expertise and a shared love for creativity.”

He continues: “We envision Exhibition Art as a gateway to the world of art investment for everyone with a passion for beautiful pieces. With our launch, we aim to open up the art investment sector, making it accessible to all. Through our expert advisory services, we aspire to transform the landscape, guiding individuals toward intelligent decisions that not only align with their objectives but also contribute to the cultural enrichment of our society.” 

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